Ooma Update

OK. Well, I got the unit from Amazon and I couldn’t be more pleased.

First, Amazon got the package here in 3 days.  Not bad.  Ordered on Black Friday night and it was here Tuesday. Because it was one of the busiest shipping days of the year, I was a little shocked to see my package so soon. Upon opening it, I was really surprised.  What great packaging.  It reminded me of an Apple product.


Opening it up, there were stickers all over the device saying before I install it I need to register the product. I figured, this is it, this is where they get me.  I live in Redding California and I knew that I couldn’t get a local phone number.  I knew they had phone numbers though in my area code, but not local.  That wasn’t a problem for me, since I am currently hooked up with Vonage and I went through the long distance local phone number stuff with them 3 years ago.  But I figured, here is where they get me, telling me I wouldn’t be able to sign up because they wouldn’t be able to support a 911 call for me.

I proceeded to register the product on their site.  To my surprise, it took only a few minutes and I was done.  No problems so far.  So I followed the instructions to hook up the main hub.  I don’t have a wired landline (only Vonage) so I skipped that part of the installation (I didn’t plug in a phone line).  Hooked it into my cable modem and then into my hub.  Plugged it in and crossed my figures.  Two minutes later, the lights went from red to blue.  Hooked up a phone and there it was, my new free dialtone.

Called my new number and setup my voice mail message.  Logged onto their website and created another number for my scout (the second piece that comes with it, allowing you to setup another phone line). Now, I realize that the second line would not be free (you need to sign up for their premier service, about $8 if paid annually or $13 if paid monthly), but they offer this service for free for the first 90 days.  So I figured that I might as well try it out.  I have been sharing my business line with my home for a year now and it is sometimes a pain.

After I picked my next number, I hooked up my Scout and hooked my other phone to it.  Picked up the phone and walla, second dialtone.  Quality was as good as Vonage, actually a little better.  After reading some other posts around the web, I can even tweak that a bit.

So, now two lines, both right now free.  For the time being, I just forwarded my Vonage line to the Ooma line so I can test it out.  But if things continue on this smoothly (which I can’t say for Vonage), I will be porting my Vonage line over in a month.

Leave me comments if you have questions.  This is the coolest thing I have purchased in a long time. I briefly went over the installation, but I can get into detail about it with you if you have questions. Overall, I am really happy.

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